Open Source Projects

We use a lot of open source software day-to-day in our business. We like to contribute back to the community when we can. Below is a list of open source software projects that we have developed and provide support for. For support for any project contact Chris Allen directly.

Plesk-MWES Connector

A Python script that links Plesk Panel 8.6+ to Mailwasher Enterprise Server via Plesk's Event Manager. It automatically manages domains in MWES when they are added, renamed, or removed in Plesk. E-mail notifications are provided when Plesk Events are processed.


  • Automatically adds, renames and removes domains in MWES when they are added, renamed or removed in Plesk Panel.
  • Automatic notification via E-mail when when a Plesk Event is processed by the connector.
  • Synchronization (via cron/scheduler) of domain names in MWES. This ensures that all domains in Plesk are in MWES, and that all domains names not in Plesk are not in MWES. Synchronization can also be done from the command line manually. E-mail notification of sync reports.
  • Already have hundreds of domain names in Plesk? Run the sync manually from the command line to import them all in seconds!

License: Public Domain (Unlicensed)
Downloads and Documentation: plesk-mwes-connector on GitHub