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About our computer repair service

Need a quote first?

No problem! We will provide a quote before doing any work on your computer. We charge a fee of $36.00 to quote for repairs and servicing but this is waived if you choose to go ahead with the repair.

Ethical computer repair

As part of our commitment to offering high-quality, ethical computer repair we make the following promises to our clients:

  • We will not take copies of your information or look through your personal data. Your privacy is guaranteed. Generally no access to any personal data is required during the course of a service.
  • Preservation of a client's data and settings is our highest priority. We will never erase information without the consent of the client. We will not do anything to put a client's data at risk.
  • We will never "System Restore" a system and then charge for it. This goes for any other "non-fixes" as well.
  • We will not "format" a computer or "start a system fresh" as that is not computer repair. The real-world equivelant would be rebuilding an entire vehicle to fix a problem with an indicator. Formatting/fresh installs are an absolute last resort when all other measures fail or if the integrity of the system has been comprimised by aggressive malware.

Computer repair price list

We use a tiered pricing structure to be able to provide a fair, competitive price for our clients. Almost everything we do will be between $54.00 and $126.00, excluding the price of replaced items (if applicable). The following table will give you an idea of what you can expect when you bring your computer in for repair.

Description of a typical computer repair problem
Estimated price
Random crashes and instability $54.00 - $126.00
Removal of spyware and viruses $54.00 - $126.00
Memory and hard drive upgrades $54.00 + Price of component(s)
Problems not starting, or problems with spontaneous restarts
$54.00 - $126.00
Internet and E-mail issues $54.00 - $108.00
Programs crashing or misbehaving $54.00 - $108.00
Security and privacy concerns $54.00
Problems caused "by the kids" $54.00 - $126.00
Faulty or misbehaving component replacements $54.00 - $72.00 + Price of component(s)